Benevolent Pirate.
Hello, my name is Jenni.
I'm 22 years old; born and raised in Montana.
I'm currently in school for a B. A. in Media Arts.
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    Mysterious bear is bear?? Wowzers.


    Clearly tumblr has issues with long posts so you can read the rest of the comic here.

    Anyhoo, attempted to make a “quick” comic based off iahfy’s post. I really liked the idea of Asami cutting Korra’s hair for her although after watching the most recent clip I have a feeling she’s going to come back to Republic City with her hair already cut. WELP. 


    New Skipper by Steven Sobel on Flickr.

    "Never seen one in this state, I think the wings haven’t unfurled yet from the metamorphosis stage. He was so helpless I could pick him up off the ground."


    Denizens of the Velvet Room